Vote Pledge

It has been an honour to represent the community on School Board the last eight years. I’m very proud of our accomplishments during my time on the board, such as prioritizing student voice, securing a new school in the Albion area, increasing childcare on school grounds, and setting policies that support the diverse learners in our district.

I am concerned about the direction the current Mayor and Council are taking in Maple Ridge and have decided to run for a council seat. I know we need better in our community an I am committed to building a more inclusive and welcoming community. A community that celebrates our diversity and works everyday to tell the story of just how amazing our community and citizens are.

It's going to be a very competitive election and every vote will count. 

On election day, can I count on your support? 



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Yes I support Korleen Carreras .
I might support Korleen Carreras , tell me more.